This is why we can help you flow with lightness and express your full potential

Hi, nice to meet you!

We are Dario Martinis and Andrea Bruno (or, easier to remember, Dario & Andrea).

If you are reading these lines, perhaps you are trying to understand who we are, what we do and if we can help you achieve what you want.

Let's find out together.

Ours is a story of research, suffering and liberation.

In 2004, at the end of our adolescence, we began an obsessive path of personal, work and spiritual growth.

The goal was simple: to solve the constant mental sawing that gripped our days.

These mental saws produced sensations and habits of various kinds: worry, confusion, blockages, a strong sense of dissatisfaction and of always being "in the head", disconnection from loved ones, nervousness, anger, insomnia, addictions and much more.

Ok let's be clear, we didn't know at the time that the goal was to get rid of mental sawing.

We thought it was to communicate better, be more charismatic, make more money, seduce girls, be in the state of flow, create an ideal lifestyle, achieve enlightenment and so on.

Now it is clear to us that the main thing we were looking for was Lightness and satisfaction, to flow with life with less nervousness, confusion and worry.

We now also know that life has brought us many gifts, although some of them seemed to be curses.

Have you noticed that we have already told you the first?

It was precisely the overthinker and the sensations and habits that follow

Genova Nervi, one of the places of our childhood and adolescence. Despite the beauty that surrounded us, we were deeply unhappy and uneasy.

Obviously, at the time they seemed like anything but a gift (and if you want to better understand what we mean by "gift" read through).

More like a perennial pain in the ass.

No matter where we turned, the feeling was always that there was something wrong, something to do, something to fix. 

The more time went by - the more schools of personal growth, psychology and spirituality we tried - the more it seemed like there were things to fix.

Moments of calm and ecstasy came after a course, a meditation, an experience - and then slipped from our hands as if nothing had happened. 

This gift showed us that living life as a problem to be solved only leads to heaviness and vicious circles.

It took us years to figure this out - we're a little hard on the uptake - but we got there.

Another gift was that of having had the privilege, from an early age, of being able to help thousands of customers.

Some photos of the courses held. From top left Business Mastermind (2007, Pesaro), Incitement (2013), Formisano Live (2018, Rome), CR Coaching Experience (2012, Rimini), Incitement (2015, Bologna)

In fact, in 2007, we became online business trainers and coaches. 

In that sector we were among the first in Italy to disclose various innovative strategies that are only now becoming commonplace.

Our podcasts climbed the iTunes charts, we collaborated to the creation of millionaire businesses, and we earned a nice nest egg. 

This second gift - a mix of living training as operators plus the availability of time and money - is precisely what allowed us to devote ourselves to personal growth assiduously.

Assiduously it means that, if we made you a list of things we tried, this page would look like the receipt from the supermarket of a family with four children.

And so , with all this research, time and money available, things were better ... right? ... right? "

Our mothers were best friends and we have known each other forever. From top left: our two podcasts climb iTunes (2011/2012), we in the cradle (1986), managers in the Italo Cillo team in Rimini (2012), messing with the Genoese sea (199?).


After 12 years of dabbling in all sorts of things, we had a lot of cool experiences and some financial gains, but overall we were in a pretty bad spot.

Honestly, it was probably worse than when we first started.

But it was during that tough time that we stumbled upon something unexpected.

It wasn't a method or technique, but a new way of understanding ourselves and life.

And now we live and share it every day."

It is based on a series of achievements by the philosopher Sidney Banks in the 1970s, taken up by many experts in various fields.

A photo of Sydney Banks, a Scottish philosopher who has profoundly influenced our work.

He defined himself as "an ordinary person who has had an extraordinary experience". 

This approach is just like that.

It does not help you to become superhuman, but more human - to fully experience life, savouring it and seeing more and more of its intrinsic beauty.

If you want to know more, here you can find our courses.

Five years ago we decided to leave the world of business training and, after some time, to dedicate ourselves to spreading this approach.

Since then we have been helping our clients to ditch the overthinker, flow with lightness in life and realize their dreams on a personal, relational and working level.

Here you can read some of their testimonials.

The words with which they most often define the experience of Lightness that comes from following our work are:

  • "Lightness, tranquility, serenity"
  • "Trust in myself and in the world"
  • "Compassion and empathy"
  • "Naturalness, freedom and flow"
  • "Clarity, well-being, balance"
  • "Effectiveness, simplicity, concentration"

Obviously, the more these sensations grow in life, the more natural and pleasant it is to achieve the results we want, in less time and with less effort.

"And you guys, how are you now?"

The sensations described above by our customers grow in us and, on the other hand, the unpleasant ones that plagued our youth like chewing-gum under the sole disappear.

With them, harmful habits and addictions go away, our relationships improve and we achieve more results.

We don't know if “life” has really given us “gifts”, but it is one of the feelings that grows spontaneously as we explore this approach: gratitude for just being alive.

Like the others, it is not a sensation that comes from an intellectual approach, from a concept. It is spontaneous, we would say almost obvious.

In other words, we're really fine, we're happy, and we hope our work can do the same for you.

Dario & Andrea